Types of Popular Mental Maths Techniques to Unlock Potential of MInd

Published: 20th May 2008
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Gone are the days when without apptitude in numerical ability one was able to survive and even earn a decent living. In today's stiff competition you need to be swift, precise, and accurate in your decisions.

What you need is not a conventional approach to a problem. You should accurately be able to understand the problem, quickly analyse and effectively act on solutions. To do this one needs to be master of numbers. Conventional methods do give us solutions, but the methods are cumbersome, approach is quite monotonous and some time a simple problem will have complicated solutions. For this reason all of the management apptitude tests check the numerical handling skills of candidates.

What do we do than? The answer is mastering the art of Mental Maths!!!

Mental Maths has been explored by most of the civilisations, Chinese invented Abacus and derived Mental Maths based on virtual movements of beads of abacus in one's mind.

Koreans play with numbers on fingers, and don't need calculator for smaller calculations. The Korean techniques is called Chisenbop. Interestingly some so-called multinational companies claim to invent this technique which in not only incorrect, but misleading too. There are few of honest organisations also which teach these techniques using original names and do refine the contents or techniques to suit future generations.

One of such organisation, which has completely committed to discover the wonders of Mental Maths is Smart League Education. Experts from Smart League Education have studied these techniques in depth and exploited their full potential by integrating various techniques and using them effectively for Mental maths calculations.

Practically it has been seen that students upto the age of 14 years pick up abacus techniques to varied degree of proficieny. The younger the student is, the better are the chances of success, it has been observed that if interested, the students of 14 or 15 years also get tremendous advantage if they are able to persist for some time.

For higher age groups some time if the pace is not set correctly than the same techniques become boring. But for younger age groups if the coaching is hurried up it puts them under unnecessary stress. The sad part of the story is that for commercial interests most of the organisations club as many as 25 students of all age group and teach them with the same education material. Some times either younger students loose interest in the subject as they work with incompatible higher age group or big students find it boring because they have to wait for their kid-classmates who take long time to complete their work esp in the initial months.

Few of the these traditional techniques esp traditional abacus techniques do conflict with the conventional calculation techniques taught in schools, this contradiction some times result in the state of confusion for the student. The situation becomes bad to worse when school teachers and the abacus teachers, both take a rigid stand and claim that their technique is the only right technique and needs to be followed with a sense of rigidity.

It is encouraging to note that Curriculum Developement Division of Smart Leaguers, have continuously evolved these techniques and also integrated vedic techniques for the higher age group. They have systematically removed all the ambiguity from the traditional techniques and replaced them with students friendly techniques which are in sync with the way Maths is taught in the schools.

There are four different programs based on the age groups of students, this removes any undue pressure and/or monotony in the course. The programs are crisp and learning is based on stress free and fun-filled environment. Brief details of the programs are as given below:

SMART MATHS : Introduction to numbers with abacus - The program is designed to initiate learning of numbers with abacus and with mental abacus - Age gp - 4 to 6 yrs students, Class compatibility - LKG to Std I. The unique feature of the program is that tutor need not have understanding of Abacus for teaching students! With comprehensive instructions any one, even moms at home can teach the young ones.

Smart League Basic+Advanced+Master Program for Grade II to Grade IV students (With less degree of difficulty)

Smart League Basic+Advanced+Master Program for Grade V to Grade VII students (With medium degree of difficulty)

Power Maths : Combination of Chisenbop and Vedic techniques, Mental Maths for grade VIII to grade IX and also for the students who aspire for competitive exams where numerical ability is assessed. It is interesting to note that in Chisenbop technique, if you use only fingers for calculations, only sums of addition and subtraction limited to 99 can only be performed.

However, I have personally used this technique on visually impaired students, who were appearing for first/second years of their graduation (B.Com). The biggest problem these students were facing was that firstly they were totally dependent on their helpers.(visually impaired students are permitted to use helpers to write their papers) for any calculations to be done in statistics etc, secondly, they were getting low marks because of the mistakes made by their helpers in feeding the numbers in calculator.

When they asked me for guidance, I only told them the techniques which we practice are powerful, if we have faith in them. We started with definitive aim that at the end of the few months, they should be able to use these techniques in their regular statisitical problems. After few sessions, in less than four months, these students were able to do any kind of five digits calculations of addition/subtraction on fingers and in mind that too as fast as calculator. For multiplication and division with the help of Vedic techniques they are able to perform complex arithmetic calculations in their mind. However I would like to amplify that the credit does not go to us, the entire credit goes to these kids who had belief in me and the techniques I taught them. Now with sufficient practice their own classmates use them for most of the calculations or for confirmation of the results in place of Calculator!!!! Is this not amazing??

On each passing day more and more people are joining the revolutions created by mental maths. We must ensure that we must take part in it in one way or the other, because, that is the only way to keep pace with future!!

For more information mental maths http://smartleague.in/index.htm

for more information on Smart Maths check www.smartmaths.org

To check the sample material of Smart maths http://smartleague.in/smart%20maths%20books.htm

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